Mansory Ferrari 4XX Spider, preparation cabrio in Geneva

If the sport series is I fall short, the coach Mansory has taken advantage of the appointment of the Geneva 2017, for, in addition to showing your interpretation of the Maserati Levante; the display in society in its kit of aesthetic improvements and mechanical for the two-seater cabrio, Italian.

And since then, there is more to see its external appearance. With a new bodystyling in your body, the Ferrari 488 Spider now displays a attitude and appearance a lot more aggressive thanks to the changes of the coach, who has modified his bumper with new spoiler and lower side or a new bonnet with output of air to improve the aerodynamic flow.


side also looks modified and adopts a air intakes more exaggerated as well as a aggressive skirt side of considerable dimensions, that lead us to his rear, in addition to a spoiler divided into two, it has installed a bumper is more aggressive with two small spoiler below.

alloy wheels in 20 inches have also been redesigned completely and lightened with respect to the Italian sports equips of series.


The interior has been reupholstered completely by Mansory, from the dashboard to the seats with a specific design carried out by the preparer with seams and details in red color as well as a new entry in your central bridge to give you an aesthetic of competition extra.

In the section mechanic, the engine V8, 3.9 liter, turbocharged goes from 670 to 790 HP thanks to various adjustments in the intake, exhaust and electronics to get an acceleration of 0 to 100 Km/h in a spectacular 2,9 seconds and a maximum speed of 341 km/h to the set.


Also, and to improve the behavior in such a beast has reinforced the chassis and lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle with a suspension 20 millimeters shorter.