Manuel Muñoz was promoted to head of engineering on track Pirelli

Pirelli has been the protagonist this season because his tires are too stable, too hard. Previous years complained so susceptible that they were the tires the italians, and the famous tears that were on track with all the controversy that it brought. Well, this year it seems that they have sin of otherwise, in fact, have announced that they will not bring the hard-to-any circuit be a real rock. With the media, soft, superblandos and ultrablandos will suffice.

But the news that most interests us is another, which affects the English Manuel Muñoz. The engineer, who already has a long list of achievements in competition, has been promoted to head of engineering on the track of the division of Pirelli to Formula 1. That rewards your efforts and dedication of these year, since up to now he has held the position of engineer of Pirelli for various teams, among them he has worked with Fernando Alonso. Now assume a much higher responsibility of the brand transalpine and will have under his command all the engineers of pneumatic equipment.

Manuel will begin to take on a new role from this GP of Austria, so that the circuit at Spielberg will be the first to see the Spanish with their new position, and I hope they are many more. Despite the fact that we know, Pirelli has not made a public statement indicating the change, but it has notified the members of the paddock by means of an internal message. Therefore, Manuel will be the one that is immediately under Mario Isola in the organizational structure of the F1, being Mario the to designate from 1 march 2017, to replace Paul Hembery (now the head of Pirelli Latin america).

Manuel Muñoz puts the icing on the cake in their fantastic journey that begins in 2011 with his arrival to Pirelli and assigning it as the first working Ferrari for two seasons. Then he was sent to McLaren 2015-2017, in both cases coinciding with Alonso. The two seasons in between the dealt with Lotus, and then move on to Red Bull and from there to his current position.And that is only the work in Pirelli F1, since before I had already worked at Toyota F1 until its demise, taking on the role of strategist. In addition to working in LeMans…

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