Manufactured the first Bentley Bentayga


Now working for Bentley, 4,000 people, of which 1,500 are related to the Bentayga. This first unit of the series, painted in Anthracite color, accumulate 130 hours of labor. In Bentley there are a high degree of craftsmanship manual, one of the reasons why their cars are so expensive.

The project began four years ago. Without the synergies with the Volkswagen Group, it probably would have been impossible. At the end of the day, the Bentayga has many things in common with the other SUV of the group, although of that in the press release don’t talk much.

deliveries to customers will begin in January. One of the reasons to produce the Bentayga is to give response to customers who live in countries yet to develop, with a network of roads can be of poor quality according to what sites.

In Western Europe, who buys a SUV of more than two tons and mounts a W12 of more than 600 HP, can not claim that kind of problems. Bentley has advance to other firms of the conglomerate presence as Rolls-Royce, but the competition is already working on their responses to the Bentayga.