Manufacturers agree engines, cheaper and V6 all the way up 2020


Photo: Ferrari

This week we have been meeting in Geneva, the Strategy Group and Commission of the Formula 1, with the aim of treating different measures on the engines. What has emerged from those meetings, according to reports Autosport, is an agreement between all the computers that will prevent the entry of independent producers and that will reduce the cost of the power units. The four bikers (Ferrari, Renault, Honda and Mercedes) have agreed that the price for each of the client computers will be, as a maximum, of 12 million euros per season, far from the current figures, which range between 20 and 25 million that the teams pay the year. Although the FIA has still not made it official, the agreement shall enter into force from 2018 and will be maintained until 2020.

The origin of these measures is born out of the intention of Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone allow the entry of bikers independent to put things easier to the teams with the most humble. The manufacturers refused, but were given the task of designing proposals to improve the situation and to give solution to the crisis engine. The term just last January 15, and the four suppliers have agreed. In addition to the reduced price, has agreed to maintain the V6 Turbo current until, at a minimum, the season 2020, assuming the idea of that return to the boosters prior would have wasted a huge amount of money on something that would be useful.

Another of the measures is to simplify the costs of some specific parts of the engine, as the gearbox and the number of them that you will have available to every pilot from that everything agreed between into force: three per season. And, finally, there is the common idea that no team is left without the possibility of being motorized, as she could happen to Red Bull for this year. Ferrari and Mercedes, the bikers that have more than one client, they will receive less income when you change the rules, but they have achieved what they intended, that no independent manufacturer of.