Mapfre cares for you and your car, that’s why we will review it for free

MapfreIs to recognize the situation the fleet Spanish. The average age of our cars exceeds the decade and for the many efforts that are being made it seems that not just come down to the middle ages desired. This situation makes circular and driving on our roads increasingly unsafe and dangerous. In addition, we must also take into account that not only the age is important in this security on the road, but the maintenance that we give to our cars.

With the evolution they have undergone the cars we cannot say that a Renault Megane from eleven years ago to be a vehicle unsafe, with ABS, ESP and Airbags there are several. however if this same Megane has not been well-maintained by its owner, or it has passed its corresponding maintenance then if we have a problem since this vehicle increases your danger on the road.

Mapfre Pre ITVTherefore, to avoid this problem the insurance spain Mapfre has decided to carry out a very important action. Mapfre is pushing a campaign called “we take Care of your Self”, in it the insurer aims to facilitate drivers that wish a service review prior to the ITV official. For benefit it is not necessary to be insured in the company for what that the about all drivers may wish to know the state in which your vehicle is located before you pass the MOT official.

to carry out these reviews Mapfre has installed in the cities that made the tour a few tents mobile. In them, for 20 minutes, technicians will pass the inspection to the vehicles, which have an appointment and shall provide a report with the main deficiencies found to the holders of the same. The main points of inspection will be the lighting and signaling, wheels, emissions, engine, levels, state of the steering, suspension, and brakes, in addition to others.

With them, the insurance company seeks to raise the awareness of Spanish drivers that should take care of their cars and perform the correct maintenance for not compromising your safety or that of other drivers.

Source – Mapfre