Maranello and Fiorano, against the business of rent a Ferrari

Negocio alquiler Ferrari Maranello peligroSeems to lie together in the same sentence Fiorano, Maranello and Ferrari for a negative result. But what is certain is that one of the birthplaces of motor racing Italian is struggling almost against him. These two towns are famous for their partnership with Ferrari, where is the factory and the test track from the Italian manufacturer. Now they are fighting for to end the business of rental of Ferrari there.

The reason is no other than that of the noise, a reason, a somewhat opportunistic. If Maranello and Fiorano are known at the international level and probably a good part of its economy and prosperity, is due to the location of the factory of the Prancing horse. But also to these businesses that attract thousands of tourists each year and leave there your money. Not only these businesses, but in hotels or restaurants.

Negocio alquiler Ferrari Maranello peligroWe agree that the noise may end up getting tired, and you may have to take some measure as vary in the range the routes of these companies. But we cannot but think that many of those who today complain, another day came to one of these two locations taking advantage of the business opportunity offered by the environment Ferrari.

we’re Not going to support you behavior reprehensible, there are even in a queue on the super. But the business is free and legal, so that would be attempt towards the freedom of business. You would also need to see if you delete these local rental affects the accounts of Maranello and Fiorano. It could even be a trim in the accounts of the own Ferrari.

Negocio alquiler Ferrari Maranello peligroFor the moment, the Mayor of Maranello is speeding up things to put on a firm these companies, and that is from the beginning of year has made up 450 controls the cars of these businesses. Not surprisingly, the fines have raised the number from 5 years ago to this part, probably coinciding with the proliferation of this type of rental business.

has Now imposed a maximum of two hours of rental per day, which drastically cuts the volume of business of these companies. Keep in mind that the purchase and maintenance of between 5 and 10 units of these s├║perdeportivos is not just an investment to go unnoticed, what will bring consequences.

In other words. If you finally arrive to ban these businesses or restrict its operation in the manner in which it is doing, almost we secure the bankruptcy of a few companies not to be able to cope with a few rentals ridiculous in volume to a fleet, already paid and still outstanding.

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