Marc Coma leaves the position of sports director of the Dakar


Marc Coma closes a new stage in the Dakar. If in 2015 the pilot of Avià decided to hang up the helmet after winning five ‘Touareg’ in the category of bikes with a KTM, now the Spanish has put an end to their relationship with the promoter of the test. After three years in which it has been visible head of the rally, Marc Coma leaves his role of sporting director with the objective of undertaking other personal projects. One of his greatest hits during these three years has been the progressive hardening of the test, returning to the Dakar part of the essence lost with the move to South america.

Marc Coma took over the reins of sports of the Dakar shortly after retiring and among the tasks undertaken with the new office, the Catalan took the helm at the time of designing the route of the rally. The edition of 2016, was far from what was intended by a Comma, in large measure by the departure of Chile at the last minute. However, the routes of 2017 and 2018 have been a true reflection of what I was looking for Marc Coma with the decision to hide the ‘way point’ or with the efforts to have Peru as the country of departure of the rally. The hardness of the Dakar in his hands has been on the rise.

With a clear conscience after returning his essence to the Dakar, Marc Coma faces new challenges away from the test that has been his life: “After you have been competed in the Dakar and win it five times, has been wonderful to discover him behind the scenes, to know what is behind the stunning scenery and seeing the amazing gear that makes up the organization of this event. Be in the heart of the rally for three years has taught me to value the commitment that there is in the organization of this unique event in the world. I can Only wish that the Dakar follow to make us enjoy and dream for many years“.