Marc Marquez goes with his Honda RC213V to the snow


Marc Marquez is accustomed to go to the limit with his Honda RC213V. However, it is essential to become a three times champion of MotoGP with rivals like Lorenzo, Pedrosa or Rossi. However, what is not as common for the Catalan driver is to ride his mount in a scenario much more complex than a circuit. Thanks to Red Bull and with the help of Franky Zorn, Marquez has been able to ride his Honda on the snow of the winter resort of Kitzbühel, one of the more complex scenarios and hard the Ski World Cup.

Although the tracks of this winter season are favourable to compete on a few trails and so it is evident year after year in the popular career-Style, are not as favorable for a MotoGP bike and it is for this reason that the legend of the austrian Franky Zorn lent his support to the Champion of the World of Motorcycling. With a Honda RC213V equipped with a few special tires with up to 483 nails, Marc Márquez was able to launch to conquer a stage full of snow, and in which his mount was a little more nervous than usual. All in all, Marquez became the first rider in MotoGP to win Kitzbühel.


A hue much to consider, any time you Red Bull has already organized a
similar event with Max Verstappen and Red Bull RB7
, that under the same
terms rolled in the snow in Kitzbühel. This act was born a video
that became viral and that there will no doubt be encouraged to the signature of
energy drinks to repeat the experience, in this case with your pilot
franchise in MotoGP. All in all, it is very likely that the Honda RC213V is not
could reach the grip than did the single-seater of Formula 1 and that
allowed Verstappen to roll at a remarkable pace.

Be that as it may,
Marc Marquez has been enthusiastic about the experience, such as
recognized at the completion of your route in winter with the RC213V: Was very
difficult to keep the bike under control
, but I am young and it is very fun
try some crazy things. We enjoyed ourselves and after the first
past, we have verified that everything is possible. The track was really
, I could really go forward and I had a great
feeling. The grip has been better than expected, I even had a
small wheelie