Marc Marquez wins BMW M Award and takes this BMW M2

Marc Márquez BMW M2Marc Marquez proclaimed that he was recently world champion of Moto GP after making a very good season. We all know that one of its main virtues are the classifications, the work of the Saturdays that you are rewarded with the BMW M Award. Marquez has done with this award for the fourth consecutive time, being the pilot who most often has done. This time he brings home a brand-new BMW M2.

This past weekend, held at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana the last round of the championship. There took place the delivery of the German sports, which becomes, as was said in the room that will have Marquez in your garage. In 2013 she received her first award for being the best ‘poleman’, which was a BMW M6 Coupe. In 2014 would be gifted with a BMW M4 Coupe and the last year was a BMW M6 Cabrio.

Marc Márquez BMW M2With this fourth BMW M Award, Marc Marquez left behind Rossi and Stoner, who had won three times. The BMW M2 which takes it is the small and most recent of the M, a sporty engine six cylinder 370 HP of power. With it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, although according to their statements, the young rider still does not know where to save it nor who will lead first.

Between laughter Marquez said, “I have to start to wonder increase my garage at home“, hinting to that is the fourth vehicle that receives. He also joked saying “I can not esperer driving the BMW M2 and I have to admit that here in-house because there is a small fight about who is going to take the car first since my mother and my brother Alex want to drive it too.” We’ll see if next season again to repeat the victory.

Marc Márquez BMW M2Source – BMW