Marchionne: Alfa Romeo will return to the Formula 1

The return of Alfa Romeo to Formula 1 with its own team, is very close to become a reality. This was confirmed by Sergio Marchionne at a presentation to the press.

Alfa-Romeo-Formula 1-2016Andl director-general of the FCA and the current president of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, said to the press that are evaluating seriously the return of Alfa Romeo to Formula 1. Marchionne expressed himself in favour of the return of the brand biscione the maximum category, in which it remained as a supplier of engines until the year 1988.

it Is important that the mark re-assured, because with Alfa Romeo participated in the category Enzo Ferrari, in 1950, managed to conquer the championship of the world by the hand of Nino Farina, while in 1951 they succeeded in the championship with Juan Manuel Fangio. But in addition to Marchionne had to opportunity to launch a provocation referring to the possible scenario of the departure from Ferrari of the category, although it took care to clarify that this is something unlikely.

in Addition to Marchionne took advantage of the occasion to criticize Fernando Alonso stating that, after a period of five years at Maranello, Alonso retired less Ferrarista that Sebastian Vettel since his first days as a member of the Scuderia. In that sense he praised the German pilot, at the time I was surprised about the speech that Sebastian offered in Italian language in front of 1,200 people at a dinner feast organized by the Italian house last Saturday.