Marchionne believes that the fall in sales of cars diesel will never be reversed

The CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles considered that the sales of diesel never will recover after the decline in enrollment that this type of vehicle are experiencing in Europe since several months ago. No longer will invest in the development of new diesel engines and many of them deleted their models in 2022.

Andl scandal by the pollutant emissions hoaxed in the diesel engines of the Volkswagen Group you know as Dieselgate, finally ended up affecting the diesel in your set, with a drop in enrollment of vehicles equipped with this type of thrusters in the markets of Europe that is still far from stopping.

Sergio Marchionne, chairman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles expressed their opinions about the future of diesel engines. The steering Italian considered highly likely that las car sales diesel never be able to recover the levels prior to the Dieselgate, even if you manage to produce technological advances can do this type of fuels more respectful with the environment.

Marchionne believes that will be very difficult to reverse the drop in sales of diesel, reduced month-to-month, at the same time that looks very difficult for this fuel to reach new standards, since the cost of its development would not be within the reach of the companies.

For this reason Fiat Chrysler Automobiles bet on the electrification of its models, having already announced even the cessation of the marketing of some of the diesel models of the brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Maserati from the year 2022, since they will not invest in the development of new diesel engines.

Fiat 500, one of the fundamental pillars of the Italian brand will bet on its next generation by the microhibrdación, leaving behind the diesel MultiJet 1.3-liter, in favor of a new hybrid system 48 volt, as part of the plan that the company has to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in its entire range of vehicles. The idea behind this type of hybridization is to optimize the use of the combustion engine, making the energy all of the electrical systems and auxiliaries come from another source of energy.