Marchionne called to solve the “hole” aerodynamic Ferrari


The second half of the season 2016 has been a hard struggle at Ferrari for trying to retain his second position in Red Bull, which was ultimately in vain in the general classification of builders and riders, but suffered a slight change of roles in the last two races, with a Scuderia a lot more recognizable and similar to the beginning of the year.

That feeling was ratified with the podium for Sebastian Vettel in Abu Dhabi, and is the feeling that Ferrari want to convert into a palpable reality in 2017, aware of the opportunity that opens with the change of regulation.

Sergio Marchionne what is quite clear. The president of Ferrari, who spoke to the media at Daytona during the Finale Mondiali, assumed that the primary deficit of the Ferrari compared to the Milton Keynes lies in “the performance on the track”, but, above all, “on the ratio of change of other teams”.

Marchionne emphasized in a special section aerodynamic, which will retrieve a special relevance to the regulatory changes this next season.

“At the beginning of 2016, we saw a Red Bull which, on paper, didn’t have the attributes to reach to the Ferrari. To the end of the season, Red Bull had become a competitor to be viable, and not due to the power unit, if not to the work done on the aerodynamics and the chassis. That has pointed to one of the holes more significant in the strategic development of Ferrari in recent years. We will try to remedy that problem. That’s not to say that it does not consider crucial to the power unit, we work on both fronts”.

The supreme chief of Maranello has not wanted to make any estimate of what you expect for your team next year, but emphasizes the work that is being conducted to return the Scuderia to the path of a few titles that I shy away from since 2008. Considered essential to the development of the car during the year on par with the work done in pre-season

it Is impossible to make any forecast for 2017. The only thing that I can assure you is that we are not leaving any stone without lifting. Also we are preparing to develop the car during the season, which is crucial to maintain the competitiveness of what we bring to the track in Australia”.