Marchionne confirmed that the new convertible will be called Fiat 124 Spider


Fiat 124 Spider be the trade name that adopt the new convertible Fiat launched, based on the new Mazda MX-5 . We also offer versions Abarth with a power around 200 hp .


Fiat-124-spider-2015 E mong the news that Sergio Marchionne confirmed under the Geneva Motor Show products that Fiat will launch were found to market over the next year, including those found for hatchback and a sedan.

In addition, Marchionne confirmed that the Fiat 124 Spider hit the market with the trade name, which recalls the famous 124-sixties. But the CEO of the company did not specify when the new convertible hit the market.

What I said Marchionne is that the product, which is based on the new Mazda MX-5 will be available in all markets worldwide under the Fiat brand. Nor did he specify whether Abarth variant is offered, although sources close to the mark ensure that there will also be Abarth 124 Spider .

The new technique base Mazda MX-5 has everything to satisfy the most demanding in terms of performance and driving pleasure to own such vehicles of the decade sixties. Fiat however will give its seal to 124, with settings direction and suspensions as well as their own engines.

It is still early to know what will be the powerplants available, though presumably will be offered with MultiAir turbo 1.4-liter , with an output around 150 hp, while the Abarth variant could stretch its power to reach 200 horsepower .

Its dimensions will be located below four meters, while it will be very light, as it is expected that some elements of his body are made of aluminum .

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