Marchionne confirmed two new Fiat family products for next year


Sergio Marchionne seized under Geneva Motor Show to announce two new products next year . It is a hatchback to be located above the Panda and a variant sedan.


Fiat-Family C s is customary in international exhibitions, Sergio Marchionne shared with journalism a series of announcements that indicate what will be the fate of brand conglomerate that groups FCA over the coming months .

In the case of Fiat, Marchionne confirmed that next year be two new products, for hatchback and a sedan , which will be produced in principle for Europe on the ground that Fiat has in Turkey.

These two vehicles Fiat will serve to replace the one hand Bravo output, while placing achieve a product that is placed above Panda, offering something more to the families which the most basic of the Fiat range will not be sufficient.

But also be produced a variant sedan , which serve as a sort of successor Fiat Linea although in this case the CEO said that the product will only be brought to the markets so require, among which Eastern Europe and South America could frame within the plans of the company.

Both share the platform B-Wide already uses the Fiat 500L, although it is still unclear if it will be two products aesthetically integrate the Family 500 or if instead will try that have a differential design.

While it is premature to talk about his p osicionamiento market , it is likely that in the minds of Marchionne ronde the idea of ​​creating a compact that reasonable achieves revive sales in its segment.

His arrival to the market scheduled for late 2016 , making his international debut should occur during any of the international exhibitions next year.





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