Marchionne: “Ferrari does not need heroes or technicians as Paddy Lowe”


Ferrari organized the Monday lunch christmas in which Sergio Marchionne announced the promotion of Antonio Giovinazzi to the position of third driver for Scuderia Ferrari, as well as the confirmation of the February 24 as the date of filing of the new car.

But Marchionne addressed a number of issues, among which is the defence of the model of management introduced this summer in Maranello. After the departure of James Allison, Marchionne decided to promote the head of the thrust unit, Mattia Binotto, the technical management, besides adopting a structure more horizontal in that it gives importance to the young talents of the factory. “we don’t need heroes, nor the technical Paddy Lowe (Executive Technical Director of Mercedes). Since August, when I put the (Mattia) Binotto front of the technical issue, the situation has improved. Nor I regret the decisions taken, but nwe have restructured and I prefer to look to the future in a different way”, commented Marchionne.

The President of the Italian training recognizes that “in 2016 we made the ridiculous saying that we had reached Mercedes. Then, after a strategic error in the first race in Australia, we have begun a downward trend. The real problem is that we have not improved. Red Bull did. I now look forward to 2017 and I’m sure the results will come, otherwise I will answer and you will be able to criticize me”, said emphatically Marchionne during the speech after the lunch christmas.

“If the results do not come, you will be able to criticize me”

With the contract of Sebastian Vettel finishing in late 2017 and Kimi Räikkönen renewed for just one season a few months back, Ferrari could face the problem of having to find new pilots by 2018. Marchionne recognised this and, although I would prefer both to continue, know that it will depend on if they want to keep. “we Want to give stability to the team. I would have so much to Kimi (Räikkönen) and (Sebastian) Vettel, but will depend on the desire to continue Räikkönen and the motivation of Vettel on the basis of the results”.

Finally, Marchionne referred to the recent developments in the management of the Formula 1 with Liberty Media reaching out with the force and the continuity of Bernie Ecclestone more dubious than ever. In this regard, Marchionne warns that only Ferrari has committed to being in Formula 1 until 2020. “I believe to Ecclestone for what he has done, but Formula 1 needs to turn the page. The new owners want to show, that there are more people watching, both on television and in the circuits. But they must discuss it with us. Ferrari, by contract, must race in F1 until 2020. Then, all is for organize”.