Marchionne has rejected a budget increase for the F1


During a conference with investors, Sergio Marchionne to insured that it has no intention of investing more in the team of Formula 1.

With the success of 2007 more and more distant, the Scuderia is still trying in vain to return to the top and, according to the President of Ferrari, the solution does not pass through an increase in the budget, but for a better use of the same. “I Think we have used all the money that we wanted to devote to this. What we have done in the past, but I think that has never been the purpose in terms of performance. I think that we need to use it in a better way. I think that a large part of that investment is due to the way in which we conducted. I think that now the structure has changed. I think we need to wait and that we should be modest in our aspirations”.

Marchionne acknowledges that he did wrong to aerate the expectations that the team handled internally and which have proved to be outside the scope of the team, who has even taken a step backwards with regard to 2015. “I Think I sinned of optimistic when I tried to give voice to the internal estimates of an improvement in the car from 2015 to 2016. I’m not going to replay it in 2017, we will have to see the car on the track. We continue our road to recovery. Obviously, we are not happy with the results achieved to date”.


But Marchionne is confident that the changes made during the summer to build up to the new technical structure of greater strength, allowing the team to return to the places of honor. “We have made several organizational changes in the team in the third quarter of this year. Now we have a team reconstituted is handling the technical side and we have two fundamental objectives. One is to finish this season as little glorious of 2016 in the best way that we can. But the most important I think is to set the parameters to finish the car of 2017, which I think is crucial to our ambitions to be competitive again on the circuit next season”.

There are many doubts about the potential of the project in 2017, especially after the departure of James Allison and his subsequent replacement by Mattia Binotto.