Marchionne: “I Hope that Ferrari will win soon, starting in Spain”


Arrived at the fifth Grand Prix of the season, the situation in Ferrari is confusing. The Italian team has been the only one that has been shown to have the weapons to approach the performance of Mercedes, and occupies the second position in the constructors ‘ championship. However, the numbers do not quite fit, in great part by the reliability problems. The two breaks of the engine suffered by Kimi Räikkönen in Australia and Sebastian Vettel in the warm-up lap in Bahrain, in addition to the accident that left out the German in the first exchange in Russia, has made that Ferrari is the team that less mileage has been completed in stroke this year, less even teams like Haas and Manor.

The situation in general is not more flattering. Räikkönen is the best placed of the team in third place overall with 43 points, but 57 leader Nico Rosberg. Vettel, meanwhile, occupies the fifth position with 33 points, behind Daniel Ricciardo. And, in the constructors, Mercedes nearly doubling their numbers: 157, compared to the 76 points scored by the italians.

despite all these setbacks initials, in the heart of Ferrari is holding out hope, not only of face-planting, if not of get some triumph relatively soon. At least, in that you trust the president of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne. In a ceremony of launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in Italy, Marchionne blamed the computer problems on bad luck, and even has the conviction that Ferrari can get the victory on Spanish soil, where the weather reports point to a weekend spent by the water.

“I am Confident in it. Sunday will be a very important day. So far, we’ve had enough bad luck, but the season has not begun. I Hope that we win soon, starting in Spain.”

Also, Marchionne has praised the work of its two pilots, who have received some criticism from various sectors of the Italian press.

“I Am very satisfied with the pilots, both with Vettel as with Räikkönen. The only aspect that has not worked well until now is the fate”.

in Addition to the situation of Ferrari, Marchionne also said one of the rumors more constant around the vicinity of the Scuderia: the possible entry into the championship of Alfa Romeo, either as B-team of Ferrari to purchase Sauber, or simply as a supplier of engines. Marchionne has denied the second scenario, but it has been pointed out that the brand could raise it with if sales of cars of street accompany.

will Depend on the success of the Giulia. Surely, our participation would be limited to Formula 1. Anyway, not to do so only as a supplier of engines, if not that we concentraríamos in a complete package, such as Ferrari. To finance the races, you need to sell the car. Today is just the start of a long road”.