Marchionne: “I Left the work to the team for respect, it was a mistake not to intervene before”


Sergio Marchionne sees as the future of Ferrari is brilliant at business, but in regards to the Formula 1, things do not go as expected. After a 2015 promising, the team has fallen back into the uncertainty and nerves, being widely outpaced by Mercedes and Red Bull in 2016.

in this respect, Marchionne refuses to admit that all is because, quite simply, the Mercedes is the best team and believe that they can’t serve as an excuse. “it Would be wrong to think so. It is not your fault that you (Mercedes) to do a great work. Perhaps it is not pleasant, but it is true that they are good. It depends on us, so we need to focus on what we can do to defeat them”, admitted to the President of Ferrari in statements collected by Corriere dello Sport during the Detroit motor show.

Marchionne believes that had to intervene in the future of the Scuderia, something that he did to reach the summer break, but that, in his opinion, he had to make before. “do you Know what was my mistake? I jumped on the computer too late, but I did it out of respect. I let them work. If he had intervened earlier, in 2015, probably the last year it would have been different. But who knows”.

Finally, Marchionne has shown hopeful with the results that the simulations are showing on the car of 2017, but would prefer not to fall into the mistakes of the past and create false hopes that end up hurting the team. “The guys are working without a break. At Christmas just had two days of vacation. The car looks like it’s going well, the engine looked cool on the test bench. But this is not the time to allow oneself to be carried away by it, we’ll see what success we have when we go to the track. For now the work you are doing is huge in the engine, aerodynamics, and the new rules”, commented Marchionne on a single-seater which will be presented the 24 of February in Maranello.