Marchionne insists: ‘Alfa Romeo should return to the Formula 1’

Once again, Sergio Marchionne returned to remind us of his will to bring Alfa Romeo back in Formula 1. The possibility of acquiring Sauber is dormant, although still no date for the return.

Alfa-Romeo-Formula 1-2016Lto the presence of Sergio Marchionne in the pit Ferrari in the framework of the Chinese Grand Prix has not gone unnoticed. The president of Ferrari, he answered several questions before the press, many of them related to Formula 1 and once more boss again to recall that you’d like to see Alfa Romeo’s return in the highest category.

Marchionne made important statements in this regard, noting that if the Formula 1 is the maximum expression of technology of the automotive world, Alfa Romeo has to be there. Assured that is where the brand was born, and taking into account your objectives, where you must return, though it did not give details about when that could happen.

asked about the possibility that Alfa Romeo acquired the team Sauber, which is going through serious financial difficulties, Marchionne did not rule out that alternative.

Everything seems to indicate that the possibility of being able to back to see a Formula 1 livery of Alfa Romeo is every day more near.