Marchionne: “Vettel on the first day was already more ferrarista that Alonso in five years”


Photo: Ferrari

the president of The Ferrari spoke of his two drivers in the press conference that took next to Maurizio Arrivabene by the end of the season along with Italian journalists. Nothing unusual. However, when talking about his driver star, Sebastian Vettel, also referred to a former pilot of his team, specifically, who replaced the German. Well defended Sergio Marchionne the four-time champion: “Vettel has a heart amazing. The other day, at lunch with all the employees of the Scuderia, before 1,200 people, gave a speech in perfect Italian, who probably learned it from memory, with the same spontaneity, genuine the child who studied poetry for Christmas. It has been integrated more in a year than Alonso in five. Sebastian is every day more ferrarista, it seems he’s been here ten years. When it arrived, it was already more ferrarista than Alonso when it was after five seasons with us”.

he Also had good words for Kimi Raikkonen, who defended after having been surpassed by his team mate: “the championship has been like a movie, with the first and second part. The second was more effective, faster. On Saturday I showed the photo of his son, it seemed to me a proud father. This new dimension has changed you for the better and I’m sure that will show in 2016”. Both he and Vettel will be keys to that Ferrari can fight for the title Mercedes: “it Has been a season successful, especially considering where we were at the start. Although maybe we could have done better because we made a couple of errors. To beat Mercedes are crucial these months until the season begins. We must live these three months in the terror of our opponents could have done a better job. Who has no fear, then, is the first to run away of the problems. Would each department with a picture of Mercedes”.

Also attacked the current regulation of the FIA, and is defended from the attack of Ecclestone with a warning: “We are willing to work together to find a solution that, however, you must find an agreement between the major brands, like us and Mercedes. But if instead it transforms the Formula 1 into another thing, we are not interested in more”. What threat with leave this category?: “it Is possible, but highly unlikely. But outside of the Formula 1 Ferrari would find other disciplines to show their own ability and where you would have option of winning”. About Red Bull, clarified the cause of failing to give them an actual engine: “The agreement is not reached because I do not think that it is good to provide a strong team that can win. I’m not interested in that Red Bull will win a Mercedes with our engine, we want to do it for us.” finally, he referred to a hypothetical return of Alfa Romeo: “The brand Alfa Romeo is amazing how it stays in the hearts of the people. That’s precisely why they are thinking of your return, as our competitor, to the races, to the Formula 1”.