Marciello: “Arrivabene’t want me in the Ferrari”


Raffaele Marciello has lived under the guardianship of Ferrari between 2010 and 2015, as part of the ‘Ferrari Driver Academy’. Despite having achieved the title of the F3 Italian and be one of the assets of the category GP2, the relationship between both parties has come to an end. Although the Italian has added a victory in the category, prior to the Formula 1, Ferrari has opted not to continue covering up for Marciello due to the discrete outcomes that has joined within the GP2, although, according to the individual affected has not been the only reason for his ‘dismissal’.

At 21 years of age, Raffaele Marciello will play their third season in GP2 with the team Russian Time. Despite having a sport program closed, in a statement to ‘Autosprint’ wanted to clarify the reason for his departure from the ‘Ferrari Driver Academy’, now managed by Massimo Rivola: “I don’t Think I liked Arrivabene. It is normal, there are people that you really like and one that does not. Arrivabene not I wanted to be at Ferrari, that’s why I threw it. Formula 1 is my dream, but it is not easy to achieve. I will study other categories such as the Indycar or the DTM”.

“Spend five years in Ferrari. I have learned many things thanks to them, but I think that for me it has been like the end of a problem. I had no chance to compete in Formula 1, so for me it was the right thing to turn the page. I think that now I have more options,” explains Rafaelle Marciello. The Italian is preparing for a new season together with the team Russian Time, who finished fifth in the standings of the teams in the GP2 2015. For his part, Raffaele Marciello lands in the formation after adding four more podiums during the last campaign.