Marcio Piancastelli, Volkswagen SP2 creator dies at age 79


The designer of one of the Volkswagen most beautiful in history died this week at 79 years old. Marcio Piancastelli was a Brazilian designer, creator of the VW Brasilia and VW SP2 in the 1970s


SP2 M ArcIo Piancastelli was not one of the best known designers, but so are many of his creations. Piancastelli died this week at 79 years of age, but bequeathed his most famous creations: The Volkswagen Brasilia and Volkswagen SP2


Marcio Piancastelli was the creator of Brasilia and VW VW SP2.

The son of a furniture maker, Brazilian Piancastelli had his first contact with design at age 26, when he won a contest with sketches of a small sports car called Itapuan. The prize included course of a year Ghia facilities in Italy . After working for Ghia, Piancastelli returned to Brazil to work for Willys-Overland, and when the company was acquired by Ford Piancastelli became Volkswagen , where he performed some of his most memorable designs.

His first project for the German mark was in 1969, when he was commissioned an adaptation for Brazil VW Type III. Piancastelli placed him double headlights lights and endowed him with a little more simple lines, giving life to the VW Brasilia, a product that many considered better than the original.

But his greatest creation was when the brand decided it was time to launch a product to compete against Puma GT . Thus was born on the platform of Type III a sport to which called Volkswagen SP2 .

However, despite its nice design, the low power of the engine chosen was an impediment to beat the Puma achieved. It is that the VW SP2 used a 1.7-liter engine with 75 hp few , with which he could reach a top speed of 160 km / h. The German manufacturer tried to overcome this drawback, a project that was ultimately never materialized and with more powerful engine would give rise to VW SP3.





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