Marco Sorensen vs Carmen Jorda: crossing words

Carmen JordáThe young pilot Danish Marco Sorensen has raised controversy this week and has accused Carmen Jorda of having a poor performance and being “plugged in” to the team Lotus. Carmen is lately receiving a lot of criticism, we already know that F1 is a sport dominated by men, but Jordan is listening to things especially hard, even from the female collective.

Sorensen is hurt by not having had the support of the Renault team and claims that Carmen Jorda took all the rewards and alagos for a part of the team, although he did a better job in the simulator. In addition, Sorensen says, “She was 12 seconds slower than me on the simulator. During the last two years I’ve spent about 60 days in the simulator, more or less what made Kevin Magnussen in the McLaren. I felt violated to such an extent that for me it was too much and I had to stop.“. These words sound like a tantrum child, and leave Sorensen an image is not very good.

Marco SorensenSax Banck was the sponsor that was supporting Sorensen, the same as his compatriot Kevin Magnussen, which has been picked up as official pilot of Renault F1. Perhaps this will hurt even more to Sorensen and is now trying to expel his anger with the statements. Carmen for its part, has wished to meet, and has hinted that last year was no longer part of the team and that I had not ever seen by Enstone, and so little has been possible to measure with him.

in Addition, the pilot of Alcoy ensures that “I find it amazing that you say that because that’s the last year in the simulator I used to be a second or less than a second of Grosjean, and ignoring their numbers, being eleven seconds over Romain sure what fichaban all the teams of the F1 of the grill.“. So the myth of Sorensen is disassembled and I certainly think more to Carmen than to a Framework, and it is not because it is Spanish…