Maria de Villota, three years without your smile unforgettable

María de Villota y su eterna sonrisaToday, 11 October 2016, is the three-year anniversary of a sad loss for the entire racing at the global level, not only at the level of drivers and teams, but also for the race fans and, in general, to any sport. Three years ago we despertábamos with the death of Maria de Villota, a fighter where you have.

As is often the case with these sad topics, it seems easy to say now, after his death, but this legend of motor racing grew up between tires and gasoline, taking clear from a very young age that your future, your life and your passion, you would always be cars, although it is considered to be a world of men. That sad morning we lost to the first woman who had come to be a test-driver in Formula 1, taking a very serious accident with a race car of the team Marussia in June of 2012, in United Kingdom, how close he was taking the life of in those first days after his terrible shock.

Mary, as a great fighter, defied death and gave us a year more than his eternal smile, even though it would cost him the loss of an eye, and a good number of points in their hair. In the year that gave us, de Villota, in addition to recover fast and in the best possible way in the aftermath of his accident, he taught us that there are things much more important than the concerns that assail us day-to-day, taking thousands of reasons to smile on a daily basis. On the other hand, wanted to contribute in the field of road safety, a task that virtually all the drivers should review to realize that in truth we have between hands.

Also after his accident, Maria de Villota, as I knew perfectly well that could not return to the world of racing, he wanted to show us through his book “life is a gift”, the great change that the fateful accident he gave his life; revealing his human side and his enviable spirit of overcoming.

unfortunately, the new life of Mary lasted little, very little. A little over a year after his terrible accident, Maria de Villota was found dead in a Seville hotel, where it is housed to submit, on that same morning, the book of which I spoke in the previous paragraph.