María Seguí (DGT), in questioning for alleged corruption

Maria Continued to appear before the Congress of Deputies (FILE, 2014)

Juan José Alba, head of the laboratory of the University of Zaragoza, presented a writ to the Prosecutor’s office Provincial jurisdiction against the marriage formed by María Seguí Gómez and Francisco López-Valdés, alleged trafficking of influences and bribery. Alba signed López-Valdés in 2012, not knowing it was a romantic partner I Continued, for three research projects.

Several months ago, Mary Kept sent an email to Juan José Alba, recommending the hiring of two researchers. In the message, I suggested the names of Francisco López-Valdés and Eduardo from the Well of God, for a research contracts that interested him “especially” on child safety.

In this communication, I commented to Dawn that I had “the budget more peeling that a ratilla” (sic), and refers to Francisco Lopez as “Fran” and Eduardo del Pozo as “Jason”. By then, María Seguí and Francisco López-Valdés had a romantic relationship, but they had not been married yet, nor what had been communicated to Alba. That email is dated the 16 of February of 2011.

Screenshots of the emails from Juan José Alba – Source: The World

María Seguí Gómez, Director General of Traffic, he took office on February 6, 2012, so that the communication was prior to his new responsibility at the front of the DGT. Your professional profile is strongly related to the world of Medicine, and Road Safety. In the university world has been a professor and has a doctoral thesis on airbags in the US, and books, and has directed other thesis and has completed several scientific publications.

In the years 2012 and 2013, DGT contributed almost 50,000 euros for research projects on child restraint systems, conducted by the University Institute of Investigation in Engineering of Aragon (TESSA) from the aforementioned University of Zaragoza. The research projects were the following:

  • Evaluation in collision of child safety devices for children with disabilities (see report) – Budget: 17.000 euro
  • Study a naturalistic situations of displacement out of position of children with disabilities (see report) – Budget: 15.000 €
  • pilot Study behavioral assessment of child safety devices in real vehicles (view report) – Budget: 17.950 €

In the three projects include both Francisco Lopez Valdes as Juan José Alba as authors. This information comes from the Web-site of the Directorate-General of Traffic, in section Road Safety > Research > Reports and Studies, and the documents are free to download for anyone who wants to consult them. As can be seen, the sum of the budget amounts to eur 49.950 euros.

according to the indictment of Alba against the marriage, was informed of the relationship between the researcher and the Director of Traffic once it was part of his team. According to the University of Zaragoza, there was no public contest to award funding to these projects.

Juan José Alba was aware of the relationship between Kept and López-Valdés at the end of march 2012, when communicated to the Director of Traffic. The next day, López-Valdés wrote to Dawn an e-mail that thanked him for the congratulations that the latter had given him, and added:

“Yesterday we thought {Mary and I} if we were to tell you or not… and man, the truth is that it is a factor to take into account {the relationship}. But come on, this is not us slow down for any of the plans that we had for the lab or much less. we’ll Just have to be a little discrete with some things just in case.”

NOTE: the clarification between brackets are not included in the original message

The DGT paid for this report 17.950 euros

Juan José Alba said feeling upset by the news, thinking that there could be problems in engaging with the DGT being knowledgeable of the marriage, by “issues of ethics and transparency”. For his part, María Seguí asked for discretion and said that there would be no problem in continuing to receive funding on the part of the public entity.

The Interior Ministry has opened an investigation urgent

The World was reported previously that Lopez-Valdes joined the University of Zaragoza with a contract “under the arm” of € 20,000 from the National Confederation of driving schools (CNAE), the agency that allegedly invited him to a trip to Cancun in 2014. Alba stated that the NCEA is pressed to contract with the DGT, and thinks that Lopez-Valdes was used by NCEA to achieve “the favor of Continued”.

NCEA paid a trip to Cancun with the husband of the director of the #DGT via @elmundoes— Driving school Sabugo (@AE_SABUGO) July 8, 2016

And the case of CNAE is still in the air…

DGT is beginning to star in a few headlines that don’t have much to do with his public function, but with its inner workings. It is also investigating whether there were alleged irregularities in the award of the course of recovery of points -in regime of monopoly – to the NCEA since 2006, with a value of 24 million euros.

Of time has ceased, Marta Carrera, deputy director of Road Safety, after a few recordings in which the officer chatted with the president of CNAE, José Miguel Báez, and was in a position to be compromised. Career enjoyed a position of Free Designation. It has opened a disciplinary file, and the DGT is working with the Fiscalía Provincial de Pontevedra, Albacete and Toledo.

in may, Baez has announced in a press release that it would submit complaints against those media that have accused him of having misappropriated public money, and check off the news reports recently aired as “completely untrue and slanderous”. The complaint shall be extended to media that have published this information, or do so in the future.