María Seguí (DGT) reported by authorize autonomous cars. We tell you why this complaint is ridiculous and is not going to thrive

In the century XIX, the working class british are faced with the proliferation of machines able to replace the job of several workers, destroying the machines that threatened to end their jobs. The anecdote comes to fairy tale to analyze, as a minimum, if we are facing a new case of ludismo in the heat of century XXI, or very good reasons given to oppose the legalization of autonomous cars on our roads. Be that as it may, María Seguí (Director-General of Traffic) has been denounced for promoting and allowing the breach of the Law on Road Safety with the adoption of a regulation of the autonomous car.

¿why this denunciation? According to the complainant, the International Union for the Defence of the Motorcyclists, the DGT would have incurred an irregularity at the time to defend the constitutional rights of the citizens, especially drivers and motorists, with which the autonomous car will share the road.

The report (see here) takes as a reference the recent experience of the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso that traveled from Vigo to Madrid; and other previous, as the program AUTOPIA of Citroën in 2012; and Volvo in 2012.


The current regulation specifies, clearly, that even in the case of autonomous cars, always has to be a “driver” to monitor the movement and be able to take the controls immediately to avoid an accident. This is due to the fact that for the moment the case of autonomous vehicles in the testing phase, and as well warns this association, its reliability is not 100% guaranteed.

Among other arguments, offer evidence, public, and even disseminated by the manufacturers themselves responsible for the development of these cars, which is seen as the “drivers” they are moving as they read a book (knowing how to make these promotional I imagine that more well they pretend to read a book), handle an iPad, or take a coffee. And is from there where a claim, which to my mind seems fairly reasonable if the aim is to identify the risks of these tests, ends up becoming a grotesque, bordering on the ridiculous.

First, because the claims of this association for the defense of the motorcyclists extend to the use of parking systems automated. Systems anyone who has tried will know that do not involve greater risk than parking a manual car. Let’s remember that the parking maneuvers of the automated always are directed by the driver, who is in charge of accelerate, brake, and change gear, while the car automates only the movements of the steering to ensure the car is perfectly parked. The car park alone, ever.


Second, because it speaks of facts that simply are lies, or half truths. The report sets out that the autonomous car of Google has 14 accidents. That is true. But why not mention that in accidents involving autonomous cars of Google, the culprit was not the autonomous car, but a driver in another car conventional? Google began this year to make public the reports of loss of their autonomous cars to the test, by clarifying in great detail how they had produced each accident. The majority were collisions extent caused by other drivers (drivers human).

Third, because the absurdity reaches the point of offering as an argument the famous video of a Volvo running over two people in a demonstration. That demonstration was not, or much less, of a system of automatic parking, as mentioned in the report, and even less of an autonomous vehicle. It was a supposed test of the systems of braking action automatic in the city (that are not intended to replace the driver, but to avoid collisions when the driver gets lost…) in which the ignorance of the participants, and their lack of awareness of the technology, caused an outrage.


which leads me to think that the International Union for the Defence of the Riders, beyond defend to drivers, motorcyclists, and citizens in general, the intention is to make noise, generate fear, and to oppose to an interesting development, trying to destroy the machines, like those luddites of the century XIX. Spain, besides being one of the largest manufacturers of cars in Europe and the world, is a strategic location, perfect for testing and developing cars. The regulations recently approved attempt to define precisely the risks of the autonomous car. For that reason, neither you, nor I, nor any son of neighbor, we will be able to “drive” an autonomous car for the road, and this task will be restricted to professionals, who are knowledgeable of the technology they carry in their hands, and always be prepared to take the controls to avoid an accident.

it Is likely that with this report to gain some headline in the press (ours already has been taken), and to lead some news in the next few days. But at least we already know that this claim, if it is not done with consistency and seriousness, nor prosper, nor will be ridiculous. Especially if it relies on videos as the famous Volvo to spread the fear of these machines of the century XXI that threaten to drive us.

Source: International Union of Defense to the Rider
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