Mark Webber is confident that Porsche will continue in the WEC


Many have been the speculations from the 24 Hours of Le Mans around Porsche and its possible progress of the class LMP1 to the end of the season. Although the signing of Stuttgart has an agreement signed with the WEC until 2018, various sources suggest that the brand would be willing to leave the premier class of the World of Resistance and re-orient as well their sports program. However, Mark Webber believes that Porsche will fulfill his contract with the WEC and will remain in the competition until at least the end of 2018, before you decide if the new technical regulation is adapted to its claims.

Mark Webber, who competed with the German manufacturer for three seasons before hanging up the helmet, believes that Porsche will continue in the WEC until the end of 2018 and that will decide his future once you analyze the costs of the implementation of the new technical regulations. At least that is what has been acknowledged during a conference of the FIA in Geneva. There he spoke of various topics, but dropped that Porsche did not act in breach of their contract, always under your point of view: I Think they are ok for 2018 and there will be decisions after that. Yes, I think that will continue as they have signed”.

The massive problems of the LMP1 at Le Mans fueled the rumors about Porsche, something that Webber doesn’t share. The australian in fact it is rather more practical about what has been seen in The Sarthe: If we look at the rate of abandonment of the LMP2, there were also a lot of problems and wear and tear between them, as a step between the LMP1. Mmany had to leave, it is Le Mans. We have had seasons there in which only we are concerned about the fuel and tires and the proportion of cars that ended up was greater. This year the heat was very hard. With a rate of 50% completion, Porsche completed its work“.