Marko about Kvyat: “If it continues so, there is no reason for it to go”


The future of Daniil Kvyat in the pilot program of Red Bull not
have to have come to its end
or, at least, that is what
ensures your maximum responsible: Helmut Marko. The ex-pilot of the austrian
has praised the improvement shown by the Russian pilot and he says that if
continues to yield in this way, it will continue one more year at Toro
Rosso. “do you See how is he reacting Kvyat? Is doing a
great job there (at Toro Rosso)”
, commented Marko.

Daniil Kvyat was found with a range of problems in the first
races, suffering a lot to match the performance of Daniel Ricciardo and showing that, sometimes, desperate with the situation.
As a result, he was replaced by Max Verstappen after the
Grand Prix of his country, coming back to the team with which he debuted in the
Formula 1: Toro Rosso. “Kvyat had a moment of weakness
emotional early in the year. I don’t know why, but now is much
best. If it was well maintained, I see no reason why that should be
leave Toro Rosso”
, said Marko.

The chief of Toro Rosso, Franz Tost, commented this week that
he wants to keep his two pilots for 2017. But the opinion of
the members of Toro Rosso does not cease to be merely informative,and
since the decision rests entirely in the hands of Red Bull and,
primarily Marko.

The Russian pilot said a few dates that would be required to dissociate itself
Red Bull at the end of the season, but Helmut Marko has wanted to leave
clear that that decision does not depend on it, since it has
contract in force. “Yes, he has a contract with us. He is not
who should decide if he stays with us or not”
, said the

“The best thing for Sainz to continue to grow with Toro Rosso”

In regards to Carlos Sainz, Tost moved on to Turin this
same week that Sainz would be at Toro Rosso and that he hoped a
official announcement in a few days. Marko said that Sainz has
contract with them and that the best option for him is “work
as it has done during this time at Toro Rosso and grow with
them, to be even more competitive next year”
. There are multiple
rumors about the Spanish, that has been placed mainly in
Renault, but both the pilot and the team have shown in all
time your willingness to follow us in the coming year.