Marko: “If we had Alonso would have complained all the time”


Photo: McLaren

The season Red Bull has been complicated. The problems of the power unit Renault burdened their performance, and what more needed to the team was the patience of their drivers. In this sense, in Milton Keynes consider that they have to the perfect partner. So stated the advisory team, Helmut Marko and, in an interview with the Italian publication Autosprint, in which he confessed that, having had the other pilot, things would have been different: “let’s Say if we had signed to a driver as a…Fernando Alonso, probably would have complained all the time”. What is certain is that, except for those messages by radio during the Grand Prix of Japan (“engine in GP2, it’s very embarrassing”), the spaniard has maintained his composure in spite of the dramatic situation that has accompanied to McLaren during 2015.

Marko defends the signing of Daniil Kvyat, who after the departure of Vettel has slotted into the team in a difficult year: “at The beginning of the season, Kvyat has suffered many technical problems, which many misunderstood. So, it seemed that he was in trouble for running in a big team, but it was not so. Now it is very competitive. Obviously, when you have Sebastian Vettel, you know perfectly the quality and performance that has, always high and constant. But Kvyat is the pilot who has shown the most progress this year”. The key was to hire a pilot less experienced, but with the motivation intact: “we Knew that this year Renault had not been able to achieve a unit of energy competitive and reliable, so that it was better to have a young rider, but motivated, that do not surrender in front of the technical difficulties, that in the first few races were really huge”.

Marko defended the Russian: “En Hungary made a perfect race to finish second. She has learned so much during the season. Once perhaps seemed to be lost, but I think that was only really in trouble in Monaco. After that race, as everything was all right. And also Ricciardo: “After three victories in 2014, is considered expert, already formed. So we put him close to a young pilot, who at the end has earned more points. The pilots this season were never a problem”. Red Bull closed, however, his first season without victories from 2008: “we Never give up, even when the situation seems desperate. In the beginning there were problems with the engine, chassis and aerodynamics were not the best, but we work more intensively to recover part of the performance. I would say that we learned to maximize what little or much that we had“.

finally, the austrian is referred to the refusal of the opponents of Red Bull (Ferrari, Honda and Mercedes) to provide a power unit competitive: “Cartel is the right word. Unfortunately, I realized what the situation was very late. We are proud of the fact that computers are so important to us to have fear and not give us engine. Alone we are a stand-alone computer, in fact it was really a ‘cartel’ against the Red Bull”.