Marko, Lauda and Wolff expressed his doubts about the Halo


After the confirmation of the Halo as a mandatory element for the season 2018, multiple have been the opinions about it, most of them against it. Only the GPDA (Association of Pilots grand prix) has positioned itself clearly in favour of its introduction, but in general it is believed that the system is not good enough to justify their use.

One of the speeches, the more vehement has been the Niki Lauda, which asserts that the Halo is an absolute mistake and that the FIA has taken the right decision. “we Try to cover the cabin with the Halo, Aeroscreen Red Bull and the Shield that proved Ferrari. No one is 100% convinced. The FIA should make the right decision. The Halo is an absolute error. There is a better solution, otherwise we would not have tried three different things”.

The a non-executive member of the board of Mercedes F1, the team that carried out the first sketch of the Halo, think that it would have been better to keep experimenting with domes. “it Would be more sensible to go further in that direction, and if we find something that does not destroy the appearance, then it could be introduced in 2019. It is as simple as that, there is no reason to rush something that we arrepentiremos later”, said the austrian, who sees in the aesthetics of the Halo a frontal attack against the essence of Formula 1. “The aesthetic is deadly. The Halo destroys the DNA of an F1 car. The FIA has made the Formula 1 as safe as possible. There is No doubt that there are that improve the security provided you can”.

there is Still no clear lines about if the cockpit is even turns into something more dangerous

Helmut Marko has a similar opinion, highlighting that the development of the Halo is not yet sufficient and has taken a hasty decision. “This decision goes against the DNA of F1. In the technical aspect, nor is it mature. If a pilot who is injured needs to be rescued or a car is on fire, there is still no clear lines about if the cockpit is even turns into something more dangerous”, alerted Marko.


The Shield tested by Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone was an absolute failure, and precipitated the adoption of the Halo.

Toto Wolff, however, has been more diplomatic and, while recognizing that no system, given the size, asserts that the Halo was the best tested so far. “I Think probably the FIA had no other choice than to enter the Halo. It is the duty of the FIA to increase safety, we have analyzed several systems and none of them worked really. The Halo has been the only one that came close to the right thing”.

The head of Mercedes believes that the Halo it has an aesthetic that is very negative, but it is best to turn the page and start working on improving it as much as possible from face-to-2018. “I don’t like like aesthetics, but the decision has been taken, now we have to make the best of it”.