Marko says that Ricciardo was more intelligent than Verstappen in Austin


Helmut Marko has no problem in criticizing their pilots if it believes justified and that is what he has done after the Grand Prix of the united States in that Max Verstappen was not very lucky.

“Max may not require both of the tires, you must find the equillibrio”

After the first stop, the pilot Dutch began their chase on Nico Rosberg, who had Daniel Ricciardo in front. Soon came to him and tried to pressure him to be able to overtake him. His engineer told him that he should make sure that we can finish the relay in a good condition to fulfill the strategic plan mapped out, but Max Verstappen answered him by saying: “I’m Not here to be fourth!”. Shortly after, on lap 20, the tires began to break down and Verstappen went from being glued to Rosberg, losing almost four seconds when, on lap 26, he stopped in the pit lane by mistake, thinking that the computer had called him when, in reality, only asking him to increase the pace.

about it, Helmut Marko and has claimed in statements to Auto Motor und Sport that “you can not demand too much of the tires, you have to learn from it. If you do not, you will not win races, or championships. You need to find the balance”. Verstappen had to leave shortly after the second stop by a fault in the gearbox.

For Marko, Ricciardo gave a good lesson to Verstappen, commenting that “compared with Daniel (Ricciardo), he had a lot more degradation. That doesn’t make you faster”. It is worth noting that Ricciardo was able to roll with clean air, as Hamilton was soon out of reach, having to fend off Nico Rosberg, who in turn was pressured by Verstappen.