Marko: “Toro Rosso should get better results, it has the potential”


It has been talked about a lot throughout 2016 the role of Carlos Sainz in the Red Bull and options out of the orbit of the energy drink before the impossibility of promoting to the first team in the short and medium term.

In summer, the offer has tempted the Spanish pilot, but Red Bull refused to resolve their contract because it considered essential to its presence in 2017 and the offer was rejected. With the new regulations in mind, as much Red Bull as Toro Rosso considered essential for riders the most experienced possible, not only to evolve the new car, but also to replace Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen if there is any problem. “Carlos knows that we have contracts on a firm long-term and the situation of Mercedes demonstrates how important it is to have pilots in reserve. Sainz is clearly our reservation if something happened in the Red Bull. Toro Rosso is a good team from the middle of the table and what they offered Carlos was equal to or worse than that”, commented Helmut Marko in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport. Red Bull wants to fight for the title this season and will not want to leave any loose ends, in addition to consider the option of Renault is not better than the Toro Rosso.


Ricciardo and Verstappen should think of the team

And is that the austrian considers that the Italian formation has all the ingredients to reach the top 5 at the end of the season. The combination of a designer of prestige, as James Key, a good Renault engine and two pilots sufficiently experienced, you must begin to produce results from the start.

“you Always have the fear that both pilots are facing, but we have everything under control”.

“Toro Rosso has to get the best results. In our meeting to outline the business plan, we have set the fifth position as his target for 2017. The team has the potential to do so, with a good designer like James Key and now with a good Renault engine. We see positive that both riders have been, because that brings stability”, said Marko, who also noted that he does not expect any problems with the couple of riders that Sainz will be booking this year: Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. “you Always have the fear that both pilots are facing, but both will have equality and I think that we have everything under control. We’re going to try to make it clear that they will have the same material as that of your partner. And in addition, we have to understand that the team always goes ahead, this is crucial. The pilot incorporates your selfishness to the equation and we accept it with respect, but we expect them to do the same”.