Marquardt: “The crisis in LMP1 reinforces the class LMGTE-Pro”


Where some see problems, others see oportundiades. The motorsport is no stranger to this way of thinking and while many licking their wounds of the progress of Porsche’s LMP1, others look like to take advantage of the future that is drawn. While Toyota is seen in the predicament of deciding whether to keep your project before the wave of LMP1 non-hybrid that will arrive next year, other manufacturers have seen an opportunity to become a hole in the grill. In this aspect, Jens Marquardt, Director BMW Motorsport, believes that the class LMGTE-Pro and therefore BMW will gain prominence, even up to be the “epicentre” of the WEC.

In a statement to ‘SportsCar365’, the boss of BMW Motorsport seems to have it very clear that WEC offers a renewed panorama for your brand and for the new BMW M8 GTE, especially because the class LMGTE-Pro will have more than ten participants for the first time: it Is sad to have news like these, but in the changes there is an opportunity. Porsche stressed that it will strengthen the effort in GTE. We entered in GTE-Pro and we are happy to fight with them. Within the WEC, the crisis in LMP1 reinforces the class LMGTE-Pro and will allow you see how appealing this category”.

I Think there is a chance that LMGTE-Pro to become more visible. If you look at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, the main race, to be honest, it was the GT. LMP2 worked very well, but from the point of view of a manufacturer the carrera GT was one of the best in years explained to endorse his idea Marquardt, who finally added: “I Think that what was done with LMP2 is good. Seeing the concept of Iprs in the united States and the LMP2, maybe it’s something that is worth looking at. brands you can rely on the DPi, it is something worth looking at.