Martin Winterkorn left the ship, resigned from his position as CEO of Volkswagen Group

If there is even heard of Dieselgate , I advise you a turn for the cover of motor. But do we summarize: it has been shown that Volkswagen intentionally misrepresented emission testing its turbodiesel engine in US Furthermore, it has been shown that 11 million engines 2.0 TDI worldwide also possess such software. Because of this outstanding emissions would be higher than those allowed. After singing the mea culpa, Martin Winterkorn has announced his resignation as CEO Volkswagen Group .

Volkswagen has already provisioned 6,500 million euros to amend the scandal “Dieselgate”.

The CEO German, 68, had 10 years as a senior member of the Volkswagen Group , having taken the place of Ferdinand Piech as CEO Group Volkswagen, in an intricate “Game of Thrones”. Winterkorn started working on the production lines of Audi in 1977, but proved his worth and might become CEO of such merit as is the Volkswagen Group consortium. Meritocratic yes, but it dominated by a few creditors and one family. Without forgetting that Porsche owns 31.5% of the Volkswagen Group in full.

volkswagen-tdi-estados-unidos can not be said Winterkorn has done evil . Since coming to the top in 2007, the Volkswagen Group has prospered to the point of selling about 12 million cars per year. Also the business has expanded with the purchase of Scania or Ducati, without going any further. Winterkorn’s decision is tough, but is right after the scandal that caused the fraud emission testing. Winterkorn is itself which is consistent and gives way to a new candidate CEO the Volkswagen Group.

Who could succeed Winterkorn?

value for you eight possible scenarios following the scandal.

At this time there is talk of two names in the high circles of the Volkswagen Group. On the one hand is valued Herbert Diess a high-profile signing from Group BMW , joined the ranks of Wolfsburg recently. Moreover, other sources and to give a new CEO to Matthias Müller, current CEO Porsche and largely responsible for the dramatic benefits of Porsche – provided to the income statement of the Group. Winterkorn reportedly signed Friday an extension of two years of his contract.

Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion links Volkswagen Golf TGI BlueMotion Mitte oben Volkswagen Golf GTD  Mitte unten Volkswagen Golf GTI rechts Volkswagen has CEO right now – whether we speak of the Group, not the brand. But what is clear is that they need to someone with initiative and strength at all levels . Someone who can regain the confidence of customers, shareholders and administrations. What seems clear is that the Group will take time to return to normal, especially when you consider that even the economic extent of the problem is unknown and the damage done to the reputation of its brands. Almost nothing.

Source: Bloomberg
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