Maserati and Alfa Romeo are of strategic importance for the future of FCA

Maserati Grugliasco

Talk about the future of Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) seems like a topic the less delicate. The other day I had the group italo americano had presented the economic results of the first quarter of the year. These numbers have been very good for them as they have increased their sales and most importantly have improved their profitability. The negative point is still your debt that far from decreasing, has grown again.

By a party analysts say that FCA has complicated things if you do not start to reduce your debt significantly. On the other hand, there are those who trust in the great Sergio Marchionne and his recipes, they have saved us on more than one occasion the group of the disaster. According to the executive the group is on track to achieve the financial stability and return to the world with renewed energy.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

those Who do not know the miracles that he has done Sergio Marchionne should take an interest in them as a person meticulous that knows what to do. Proof of this is that before jumping to restructure the models of Fiat and Chrysler has been involved to save Alfa Romeo and to improve Maserati. These firms are the ones that have to provide to the Group FCA the revenues necessary to return to the black numbers definitely by what have become strategic for the group.

According to the CEO of FCA, the goal that have to comply with Maserati and Alfa Romeo is to sell during 2017 230 thousand units in the world. This means increasing your sales volume in the premium market with a 2.5 per cent. A priori may seem very complicated, but the signature of the trident has been shown with the Levante and Ghibli that knows how to make and sell good cars. In addition, Alfa Romeo is on the right track because the Stelvio is sure to become a commercial success and the Giulia is showing its first results in sales.

in Addition, Marchionne took the opportunity to say where they would get revenue if things are a bit more complicated. It takes time talking about the possibility that the Group FCA dispose of Marelli and some of them (its subsidiary components) but apparently could not be so. The CEO of FCA knows that Injection is a very valuable asset to your group and not facing up to losing control of your capital. Therefore would be thinking of creating another Spin-Off as it did with Ferrari to raise capital and not to cede its control.

we Hope that your plans are fulfilled (I think that will be the case) and that the debt FCA is reduced to coming on the market all the models that are in the bedroom.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

Maserati Ghibli
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