Maserati dreams of a new MC12, But how do you think Ferrari?

Maserati do not have any doubt, to manufacture a worthy successor to the Maserati MC12 is a dream that will fight to fulfill whatever. At the time that the Ferrari Enzo reigned as one of the great supercars of the moment, Maserati has embarked on a project to create a sporty racing for the FIA GT championship, a project that obviously forced them to make units approved for street thus creating the super sports car from Maserati that still raises passions.


The Maserati MC12 came to be built 60 units, with approval for on-road, and 12 other units under the seal of the Corsa that provided an approach road, but much closer to that of the races. We speak of a game very limited a car which roughly meant the rethinking of the technique of the Ferrari Enzo under the prism of Maserati, and with the goal of making a winning car racing.

But the cessation of the Maserati MC12 not only meant the death of Maserati in the segment of supercars, but the abandonment of Maserati of this type of projects staying with the Maserati Gran Turismo as the greatest showcase of that spirit of sportsmanship. In these moments, the Maserati is focused in the growth of volume and profitability in the brand thanks to key models such as the Maserati Ghibli and the new Maserati Levante – their first SUV -, but Maserati knows very well that it is imperative to bring to the market a range of sports that keep her image of manufacturer of high performance and true sports that make the showcase and the banner of the brand.


To dream of a supercar from Maserati based LaFerrari would be possible, but Ferrari would put conditions

For this reason, and given that Ferrari have a model like LaFerrari, from Maserati speak bluntly about their desire to manufacture a new supercar by leveraging much of the technology in chassis and mechanics seen in Ferrari. Repost the concept of the Maserati MC12 would be a plan that Ferrari would accept, finding in this new Maserati a car more limited in benefits, and almost certainly without the HY-KERS system that represents the maximum innovation of Ferrari in these moments.

At Ferrari it seems are willing to talk with Maserati, but would do so with conditions. Even so, it appears that this project will still take some time to arrive, since it should raise a business plan and development for this new model that would be a manufacturing is very limited and you would have to adapt to the real priorities of Maserati.

fingers crossed…

Source: Coach