Maserati Ghibli 2018: The first images of the updated sedan Italian


a Lot of camouflage and centered in the bumper.

Maserati seems to be already preparing for the renewal of the Ghibli, within the meaning of the unit tests that we have been able to capture in the middle of the street. These images show a copy of the sedan Italian with a sovereign camouflage on both ends, trying to hide the items that will be redesigned on its exterior.

The camouflage does not allow to see too much. Is limited only to the morro and behind the model, however, hides very well the ways of the Ghibli. In the front just we can intuit a new reading of the low lines of the bumper. Though we can assure you that it is not a simple optical effect.

The pilots, both the front and the rear, have the same forms as the current model. And in the specific case of the rear, the camouflage is even higher, hiding the full bumper.


behind is completely hidden, except for the trunk lid.

The Ghibli got to the end of 2016, its first update since the model was launched in 2013. The new Ghibli 2017 was making improvements in the interior and the equipment, in addition to receiving more customization options.

On the outside we can only find a series of optional accessories, made of carbon fibre to be able to customize the model. These are limited to the housings of the rearview mirrors, exterior wall cladding of the pillars, handles, door, or a rear spoiler. Likewise, there is also the option of an accessory pack of carbon for the interior.

The only thing really has changed in appearance is the dashboard, where we now find a multimedia system more advanced, with a better screen size and connectivity Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The innovations will be in the morro and behind.

The update of the Ghibli that suggest these images would not be available until at least 2018, and would receive a mild facelift that would affect-to-bumper and more than likely optical groups, and tires.