Maserati Ghibli PPM500 ASPEC: the Ghibli “tuned” who came from China [Video]

few days ago we topábamos with a new preparation for Maserati Ghibli , a preparation which incidentally came from China, something little or nothing usual. The manager was surprised ASPEC trainer who now leaves us with a video of this spiced Maserati Ghibli 500 hp .

Recall that the preparation of ASPEC to the Maserati Ghibli passed a new body kit with details carbon fiber along with an increase in power leading to the mechanics of this Italian to considerable 500 horses.

Alongside these changes also a new endowment brakes new suspension and new tires and a new system was incorporated escape .

For more details of this preparation:

If you want to know in depth this formulation do not miss the article “Tuning made in China? This Maserati Ghibli consume all your prejudices. “

Time to give the play:

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