Maserati GranTurismo, more gross by Liberty Walk

Maserati GranTurismo Liberty WalkMaybe never imagined a Maserati with big wheel arches and the aesthetics of competition carried to the street. Luckily there is a Liberty Walk, a preparer that lately we talk a lot, and it is that is being pulled out of the hand some preparations very visual for some of the supercars most wanted. One of the last models fall has been the Maserati GranTurismo, and this is their new and impressive look.

When the refined Italian design together with the brutality of Liberty Walk this happens. The trainer has not been thrown back to the time of placing your huge fins riveted to the view. His seal differential now becomes the main attraction of the GT Italian. And what is certain is that convincing.

Maserati GranTurismo Liberty WalkThe front exudes sportiness with a great splitter almost on the ground floor, in the same way that there is now an air intake on the hood. The ways of the grill, which seems to come out of the nothing, we remember now more than ever the past of Maserati in the category queen with their first cars.

The rear behaves in a way more gross if it is. There is No trace of refinement, and placed on a striking spoiler-type duck tail on the trunk lid. It is based on the MC Stradale, but does not include a new diffuser, larger and eye-catching. The result is imponenente if we take into account the brutal reaming that offer the new fins.

Maserati GranTurismo Liberty WalkOf time is a project that has between hands, the trainer Liberty Walk, and it is not for less. The Maserati GranTurismo that you see in pictures needs a new suspension capable of raising the body to be able to circulate. What we don’t know is to what extent this preparation will offer, or not, a new figure of power from new elements and modifications in the mechanics.

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Maserati GranTurismo

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