Maserati will pass by the ring: versions hybrid, plug-in for the entire range


Maserati will expand its range with variants hybrid plug-in

Harald Westr, CEO of Maserati and Alfa Romeo, said back in 2013 for its refusal to the possibility of introducing thrusters electrical supply Maserati, but what is certain is that much has happened since those statements and the current status of the manufacturer also gives rise to too many demands on his part. Finally Maserati will add hybrid versions plug-in in its whole range of vehicles.

“we’re Just going to electrify our cars if we can do it without sacrificing performance

We have to do it, it’s as simple as “, has been described Giulio Pastore, General Manager European brand. It is the only way that Maserati can comply with the objectives of emission maximum implanted for 2020. Also provided that ” in some countries are very encouraged, that will be a success, in others not so much, but there is a demand from governments and clients for this type of vehicle “.

The only model that seems to you can escape is the long-awaited sports coupe, Maserati Alfieri, the rest of the Ghibli, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, GranCabrio and the new SUV called the Maserati Levante – added to his offer a hybrid variant plug-in. Your goal is that the new propellant dual to be able to homologate 70 g/km of CO2 without losing the expected dose of sportiness that offers your vehicle.


In fact, the manufacturer declares that their hybrid vehicles will not be bored at all, ” we’re just going to electrify our cars if we can do so without sacrificing performance. If there is a sacrifice (of benefits), then you’re not going to do it “, stated the own Pastore.

the signature of The trindente not have to be embarrassed by having to yield to the laws of environmental protection. Major manufacturers of sports have in their range powerful hybrid machines as the Ferrari LaFerrari or the McLaren P1, and even do not need to go to a scale of prices so far. Porsche is also announcing a hybrid version plug-in 911 in addition to the continuity of the Panamera hybrid in the second generation of the sedan.