Massa asks for patience with Stroll


The first indications seem to indicate that the Williams FW40, despite not having changed in excess of to the car of 2016, has a good base on which to evolve.

At least so say their pilots, were very positive behaviour of the car so far. Felipe Massa rode in the morning, completing 63 laps and staying to 110 thousandths behind the fastest time of these tests in order of Valtteri Bottas and his Mercedes W08. “it Was a good morning, we completed our entire programme as yesterday. I had a good feeling, we’re happy with everything we have tested in terms of setup and tires, with what we have seen and what I feel of the car, it is difficult to know where we are compared to others, but the car looks good”, said the brazilian.

“Lance needs to learn and understand the car, do more miles”

Lance Stroll took over in the afternoon and was able to complete the planned programme focused on compounds more soft Pirelli without any mishap, which made it possible to add 59 laps to his limited experience. “I Am very pleased with the performance of this evening, and delighted with the morning to see Massa do a shoot very solid, it was a good day. As a team we have done a lot of laps and we have a lot of positive things to take out of today. I’m not focused on times, because of the test we are exploring many things in the car and trying to move forward. I am happy with the filming we have done, with the direction we have taken, is what we have been doing and it has been good. We did some short runs, and tried a number of compounds, I went to the compounds more soft today and I tried the tires superblandos, but I still need to do filming with the ultrablandos”, explained a Lance Stroll has been criticized in recent days by the three accidents last week.


But his partner defends the canadian and remember that with the experience that you have, it is normal you get all the errors and it is necessary to give it time to be able to win regularly in the piloting. “Lance needs to learn and understand the car. You need to do more miles. Try to pass all the information I can for the team and for him. Attempt to learn as soon as possible, because if he is ready and does a good job, that is good for the team and for me.”, commented Massa, which affects the influence of luck on the severity of the errors. “To be honest, it’s not okay to miss a day. Perhaps something of what we have done could have been done last week, but it was not possible. We don’t have that many pieces, so we have to keep everything we can. It is very easy to get out. I’ve gone out once, but luckily nothing has happened”, concluded Massa.