Massa: “I hope to get a good result”


Williams has had a Friday quite complex in the
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Both Felipe Massa as Lance Stroll have had
problems of grip and with the tyres during both
sessions and have not finished to get the optimum performance when FW40. Despite
this, the two pilots hope to find the way to be at the height of
a few competitive Renault and Force India.

Felipe Massa hasn’t had problems in recognizing the
problems of Williams after getting off the car in FP2: “The car
slid across the track. The path has become even slower than this
morning. Despite all we have been able to understand the car and see the way
to follow

The time to focus on the problems of the team, Massa
he explained: “has cost Us to put in temperature of the medium tyres and
the hard. It is very difficult to get them to work, but well, I think that is the same thing
for all
“. To make matters worse, the wind has not been the best ally: “Had
gusty wind in some corners, so that we could have made a mistake
very easily

Renault has been very good today, we might have to fight with them, and with Force India

In this line, the brazilian added: “In fact,
we saw several cars off track in the last session. Luckily I’ve managed
to keep me on track, but sometimes it was very complicated. We had oversteer
and tires overheated

Despite all these problems, Massa hopes to be able to fight
with Force India and Renault: “I’m hoping to get a good
result and be able to be competitive here. Renault has been very good today, so
maybe we have to fight against them and against Force India

We have to take care, their pilots can do
a good classification, and then, if we stay behind, we may not be able to
ahead of them in the race. We’ll see what happens
” marked the end of the pilot


Lance Stroll has been accused by similar problems to those of your
companion box: “We have suffered a lot to find the grip of the
pneumatic means, and stability in the car. It was very easy to make mistakes in
the curves, especially when you lose temperature in the tyres more

The canadian remarked on this aspect: “Today has been a
complicated day for me to make the car run. We will try to improve this
night for the race. I made a mistake on my first lap with soft. It was not
the best thing that could happen. I’ve had to do two laps more and when I
sought out the clock, the wheels no longer have the desired performance

Finally, Stroll added after FP2: “Are only
free, there are no points in the day. One can have bad days and also
good days. It is true that for me today has been a day to forget, but sure