Massa is not easy to drive the current F1

Williams de MassaMany veterans have spoken of that the current F1 is very little demanding in terms of piloting and remember the glorious times in which they rode, where he had more power and less grip, plus a higher risk to the life of the pilot. A few times, where the Formula 1 was more special if it is possible and this has also spread to a lot of fans who complain about the current rules and the lack of the essence that already is not.

Others think that pilots today are much better prepared than the former, and even dare to say that if subiéramos to a legend of the F1 past in a current car, maybe I would not be to the level. Who carries the reason? Well, judge yourselves, what is certain is that Felipe Massa has wanted to deny that who say that the current F1 can fly up to a monkey.

F1 blanco y negroThe brazilian driver does not think that the current F1 is much easier for the pilots to “I Think that, simply, is different.“. Massa has driven cars V10, V8 and the current V6, and the paulista does not consider that there has been a change in terms of difficulty. “they Say that driving a Formula 1 is ridiculously easy, but I’m sure someone experienced would have problems in those cars.“. To Philip, something must change for the future, but it focuses attention on the difficulty.

Maybe bring reason, and although there is more risk and perhaps more adrenaline, also now is more technical and the pilots should not only think of pressing the accelerator, but to conserve tires, strategies, consumption, etc .. This, from the point of view of the spectator is more boring, but it can also be complicated from the point of view of the pilot. For the brazilian “If you ask me if I would like a faster car, with more downforce, is clear. But I don’t think that is necessarily more difficult. Physically maybe, but the car would not be more complicated to pilot.”.