Massa is raised to stop Williams, but not the F1


The season for Williams this to be something irregular, something that very much depends on if the circuits work in favour of the special features of the car and if the strategies are successful, something that the team hasn’t been overly successful so far. Felipe Massa speaks of this and of what he expects of his future. Claims to have offers from other teams and not facing up to the withdrawal, always and when you get a place in one of the teams with aspirations.

The volatile competitiveness of Williams

I Think it depends on the circuitry. The tracks that
we suffer are, quite simply, because it is where the car is not so
. The main one was Monaco. We have had other…
Bahrain was the second after the first curve, but we choose the
the wrong strategy. I would say that the Hungaroring is possibly the
the only track that we have not been competitive in the last two
years. So that certainly will not be our best track this year,
but there are many other tracks where we can be competitive. Austria,
Silverstone, Hockenheim, Spa, Monza”.

The fourth best team, what options to press to Red Bull?

“I Think that it is very difficult to know how we are doing in comparison
with Red Bull. We are not very far away, but how close are we to
Red Bull and how we can beat them is something that we need to see race to
. That is what we are trying to do, but I think for the
fight with other teams that are behind us, we are in
good position”.

The opportunity of 2017

“The new rules may be a big change for many
equipment. It can be really good, really good or can be bad. I have lived
many changes at the level of regulation, and I’ve seen computers go from the
head to the back and to the contrary,
, or stay more or
less in the same position. So I think that it is difficult to

His future with Williams

“I Think that everything is open. You may have a
opportunity on another computer, we have to wait and see. I think that is a
bit soon. surely the teams have already begun to think of
do this, that much is clear, but what is going to happen is impossible to know
But I think the situation is very open in Williams and in other
teams, so we’ll see. I am in No hurry”.

“I don’t want to give names because I don’t think that is the right thing, but
it is not a small team, maybe computers as I have
competed or maybe some who are working to be better

The withdrawal

“I feel ready for everything. Prepared to stay, to
do all that you can to enjoy. And if I don’t have a good
opportunity, I’m ready to find a new job in something
I am in No hurry and I will decide at the appropriate time. But not
I’m here to be in the bottom of the grill and simply,
enjoy. I’m not ready for that”.