Massa, motivated for the rest: “My aim is to finish seventh”


The withdrawal of the brazilian after his retirement came as a surprise to many of the personalities in the paddock including the drivers that make up the grill today. The Sao Paulo decided to be 36 years old on board a single-seater, in the week that disputed the Grand Prix of Russia, and not at home surrounded by his.

Felipe Massa ensures to the official website of the Formula 1 “when I decided to retire not expected to return”, but after the bye Nico Rosberg, was vox’s common knowledge that Williams would turn to him to occupy the seat of Valtteri Bottas, after the departure of the Finnish Mercedes. Today, the #19 is pleased you have taken the decision to return to the great circus, with a single complaint: “get bad luck!”.

“I’m in a team that wants me and respect me very much,”, says Massa. “I would no be happy and competitive”. Since that was removed from above the pressure of delivering results that would justify its continuation in the ultimate expression of motorsports, the team from Grove has not lost the smile, and is preparing to give the best of oneself without being destroyed by criticism.

Philip did not complain to talk about the future, as it did recently. While Fernando Alonso has asserted that if the calendar had 25 appointments would leave F1, he sees no problems with adding a race to the current. “It’s only a race. It’s simple; yes, there are three races in a row, but they are all in Europe. Should be positive for the riders, but for the team it’s really difficult”. In addition, he confesses that his goal “is to finish seventh,”, just behind the pilots Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. “it Will be complicated; even if I had finished all of the races that we were, in the position that led up to the moment, I would be fighting for that square”.


The incidents on track and dropouts in Montreal and Baku have hampered his progression in 2017.

His team mate managed a podium finish for Williams in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, thus becoming the second youngest driver in history to achieve such a goal. However, Massa does not see you as a threat, and understand the process of adaptation by which you must go Stroll. “I Am convinced that he is learning more from me than I from him. The Formula 3 is very different from Formula 1. You need to change your riding style and your mentality. It has only 18 years old, but has the talent enough, it is quite aggressive in certain aspects”.

“it seems to Me that it is difficult to compare”, supports the expiloto of Sauber and Ferrari when we wonder by the differences between this new generation of pilots and the ‘old school’. “What remains virtually unchanged is that… oh, I also made many mistakes in my first year! However, I was always fast and competitive. On the other hand, is the mentality. In the year I debut I managed to finish in sixth in the two races and fifth in another. In reality, you need at least one or two years to understand how everything works around here”. Carlos Sainz confirms that theory, since they showed superior performance in his second year with Toro Rosso to debut at 2015.

finally, Massa dedicates a few words of affection for the canadian driver with which it shares a garage. “Lance has taken a huge leap, larger than when he arrived in F1 last season. With so many new things, it is not easy to acclimate all”. The new legislation has ensured that even some of the ‘old glories’ of the sport have to catch up with the physical preparation, so that Lance Stroll will take the extra time to have everything under control to start off if your innate talent allows you to. “Everything will depend on how fast you can learn. From what we saw in Baku, learn fast! In a circuit where forcejearon a number of the greatest, he seemed completely calm and mature”.