Massa pulls out of oil in Bahrain, Stroll encounters with Sainz


Williams has been a GP in Bahrain full of contrasts. Felipe Massa has gotten off to a great sixth place after being the best of the middle part of the grill and take advantage of the accident of Max Verstappen. The brazilian has not hesitated to dedicate this result to Frank Williams, the entire time this Sunday we are celebrating his birthday. Much more disappointing has been the visit to Sakhir for Lance Stroll. However, the canadian has finished the race abruptly after suffering a strong blow with Carlos Sainz when the spaniard exited the pit lane.

Felipe Massa marked the goal of being the best of the group means and finish as close as possible to the drivers of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. And what is certain is that the brazilian managed to fulfil their goal, as Felipe Massa crossed the finish line in sixth position after taking advantage of the low Vertappen and fight with Räikkönen after a great start: “I would Say that it was a great day. I managed to make a perfect output. I had a great first lap because I passed a Hülkenberg and I got to do the same with Kimi at turn 4. I was able to look after the tyres to work correctly and then went ahead to Ricciardo behind the Safety Car. Everything was great“.

In this aspect, Massa was jubilant at the end
of the race
, since the pace shown during a large part of the race was
quite positive, as it recognized the brazilian driver: “After the
Safety Car, our rivals have found more pace in the tyres and
they managed to stay ahead. To be honest, the position in which I have finished
today is like a victory
and it is very important for the whole team. In addition, today
it’s the birthday of Frank Williams
, so I think he deserves this ‘victory’,
because it is like a. I’m sure he is happy and very proud for the


As is logical, Lance Stroll was much more
frustrated. However, the canadian has had to retire after having a
strong strike with Carlos Sainz
, action by the Spanish rider has been
punished with three positions on the grid-face the GP of Russia: “I Saw
Sainz coming from the pitlane, was about 50 or 60 meters ahead of him
in the area of braking
and when he was turning to take the curve, he impact
against me. There’s not much more to say, because I have seen the video and it was ridiculous“.

The margin of the accident, Lance Stroll, explained:I Think
the race was not going bad until that point
. I had a bad start and
I lost several positions in the first few meters, but I was able to stop soon in the pit
and I went back with the soft tyre. It is not a secret. I am disappointed and I hope
that my luck may soon change. I can be frustrated, but it is true that
that’s not me going to take you anywhere. Looking on the bright side, there are still
many races