Massa: “The car does not work as expected”


The last few races, Williams are proved to be an ordeal for the team, who can not get the car to operate properly the tires. In the racing of the month of July the problem was the lack of temperature and, in this case, has been the opposite thanks to the unusual heat present in the Spa in combination with the very high pressures minimum imposed by Pirelli.

Valtteri Bottas, which was ninth in the first session and sixteenth in the second, was happy to return to the activity, but was concerned about the behavior of the car, especially in qualifying conditions.

“we Had a small problem in the second session with the
electronic control unit and we had to change it. We lost around
the half-hour but, in any case, it was a good day. It is
great to be back in the car after the summer break,
I really enjoyed a lot. The car was good, but I’m sure
that we can still fine-tune the balance and make it faster. Our
pace in long runs, compared to the rest, it was not bad, but
I think that we still need to find everything we can
. With these
temperatures is very difficult to manage the tires for the
overheating, but is the same for all”.

Felipe Massa, on the contrary, was very pessimistic with what transpired in the first day of practice, in which he was twelfth in the first session, and seventeen in the second.

“it Is clear that we have had on a Friday, very disappointing. Was
complicated to make the car work, both on long runs
as in the short, and with different set point
. We have a lot of
work to do tonight to understand why the car is not
working as we expected. It will be an afternoon very long, but I hope
solve problems”.

Williams has to defend his fourth place in the constructors championship against Force India, which has had a first day much more positive than the Grove at Spa-Francorchamps.