Massa: “to Return to Formula 1 was to follow my heart”


The Formula 1 tends to leave scripts capricious, but no one could imagine that Nico Rosberg was going to let the championship after becoming champion. The decision of the German pilot caused Valtteri Bottas fichase by Mercedes and pass Felipe Massa to come back from his retirement to compete again with Williams. However, the brazilian acknowledges that before taking this step called for a series of guarantees to Williams to view the team’s work was going in the right direction. All in all, Massa finally listened to what they said their feelings at the time of re-sit in a race car of the team from Grove.

Claire Williams was in charge of contact with Felipe Massa’s nothing more to know that Bottas was the goal of Mercedes. In this aspect, Felipe Massa has explained in statements to ‘Motorsport’ that travelled to the Uk for highlight what went wrong in 2016 and see if there were safeguards to improve: “She called me immediately. I took a plane to England to sit with her, and discuss several things around my back and around the team. We spoke about many things and gave some ideas to improve the team in aspects that have not worked in the past year”.

In this aspect, Felipe Massa has stressed the importance of
this conversation, while at the same time has recognized that it has been carried on by
your own feelings: , we Had a conversation very long and then I
took a little time to be convinced to 100%. Not only by me, but
also for other things with the departure of Valtteri Mercedes. It took Me a bit
of time before taking the decision, but in the end return to Formula 1 was
follow my heart
. Actually I kept all the messages I got from fans and
also the support I received from my family”.