Massa: “With the new regulation, the output is very sensitive”


Felipe Massa has addressed one of the issues that star of the last few races and that, in some way, are influencing in a decisive way in the championship: the torn-off at the start of each Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is having problems lately -especially at Monza and Suzuka – and Nico Rosberg have used to perfection to increase his lead in the championship.

The brazilian, in his personal blog at Motorsport, asserts that the current regulation has complicated a lot of things to pilots. “Today it is much easier to make mistakes, because in the past we had two cams of the clutch and the ability to make adjustments on the formation lap. The engineers were able to read the real value of traction in real-time when we rehearsed the output and, then, we could say what adjustments we needed to start the race”.

The sensitivity of each driver, it is also important to

Currently, the pilot has a single cam clutch on the steering wheel and, in addition, you may not receive any type of information by radio up to start the race, having to be limited to the information from the simulations made in the training and the instinct of their own. “As the technical regulations have changed this year, the procedure has become more delicate, because it is the pilot that has to find the way to adjust the settings by itself. Another of the difficulties is that after trying both out during the whole weekend at the end of the pitlane, you realize that the level of grip is different on the tarmac of the grill.

Massa admits that that is the reason why “the pilots still make mistakes. In fact, I think that this year all the pilots we’ve been wrong at least once. Rosberg has also made it, although there are riders that can handle and better understand the level of grip that there is”, concluded the brazilian, yet the pilot of Williams.