Matthias Müller is the new CEO of Volkswagen Group restructured and purged

After a long day of meetings at the highest level, the Board of the Volkswagen Group has taken drastic measures before the scandal Dieselgate. There have been changes both in personnel and organization, in order to digest the current crisis as well as possible, but also with the aim of give more control to the Board group. A selective game of thrones that leaves a visible figure Matthias Müller, now CEO Volkswagen Group , after leading Porsche recent years.

A new Volkswagen Group restructured and centralized

More control, more centralization. And many heads have rolled on top of the group.

The decision to place as CEO Matthias Müller is not accidental. The previous CEO Porsche began working for Audi in 1977 as line operator. Meritocratic so has risen to the top, with a final ascent fueled by the resignation of Martin Winterkorn. Matthias Müller and a Board of Directors more rigorous and driver will be responsibility to “take out the trash” and ensure that nothing happened happen again . A great responsibility, of having 600,000 people in your charge, no less.

Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion links Volkswagen Golf TGI BlueMotion Mitte oben Volkswagen Golf GTD  Mitte unten Volkswagen Golf GTI rechts The biggest innovation is the restructuring of the group, which I summarize in several places.

Creating a new Volkswagen Group of North America

bring together the regional units of Mexico, USA and Canada. It will be headed by Dr. Winfried Vahland, former member of the Board of Skoda. The current CEO Volkswagen in the United States retains its position, surprisingly.

Porsche assimilated into its orbit Bentley and Bugatti

This does not mean that now the Bentley or Bugatti rebauticen as Porsche, but involves a more direct control of them by Porsche, and the use of common platforms for new developments. An interesting movement.

brands Fewer power to individually

Review of the functions of all existing departments, and creating new horizontal department, with jurisdiction over all group companies. More group functions, less power for individual brands . The press release speaks of harmonization and standardization, but I have to stay with one word. Control

A purge Council and stronger Administration.

high-level changes in the Council of the Volkswagen Group. Jürgen Stackmann – CEO of SEAT – leave your position and assumed the leadership of Volkswagen as a brand. Luca di Meo will be the new CEO of SEAT , leaving his current position as sales management at Audi. Christian Klingler, currently responsible for sales in the Board of Management of Volkswagen, leaving the company. The Volkswagen brand will be divided into four global regions, with a leader who will report directly to Herbert Diess, president of the brand.

Skoda_Octavia_RS_230_galeria_2015_DM_30 After this series of emergency changes – seeking greater control of the Board of all Group brands – it’s time to start taking practical decisions to amend the scandal. It seems that these changes and 6,500 million euros provisioned to cope with the crisis should be sufficient. We keep you informed, but do not forget these changes and their implications. We are facing a new Volkswagen Group, one very different from only a week ago entity.

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